10 dating mistakes

Consider me your friend who had to work late, has thus shown up at the bar sober, and who is trying to talk you out of going home with Dracula — as mysterious and handsome as he is.I’ll probably be drunk again myself tomorrow, and poised to do something equally as foolish. me.” This is usually code for wanting someone who fits a conventional and unimaginative definition of success—he’s a lawyer, she’s a doctor, he went to such and such Ivy league school; or, someone who can have a 3-hour debate about whether or not it’s politically correct to say a party was “crazy” (lest it minimize mental illness).Feminism is still seen as a very dirty word here in Korea.People have even coined the term Feminazi to describe women who make statements and fight against the patriarchy.If equality is something important to you, then you should have this talk early on.

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There is no limit to stupid stuff you’ll do when you’re dating, and did you ever notice how the only sane people you meet are already taken?Unfortunately, Korea is still a very conservative country and poor sex ed leads to very negative stigmas about sex in general.Unless you want to be perceived as a giant weirdo or a piece of cake, then I suggest keeping these jokes to yourself.In today’s world, it’s super easy to cheat since you can get on a dating app with the touch of your finger. It doesn’t matter what country, culture, or planet he is from. He will make time for you and he will make an effort.While cheating is very taboo in America, (and people will tell you what an awful human you are if you do it) in Korea, it’s almost seen as normal and should happen at some point. Regardless of age, nationality, job, etc, you NEED to check up on your potential love interest’s marital status. Luckily interracial dating in Korea is pretty common. In my opinion, compared to Japan, I think Koreans are more open minded when it comes to having relationships and meeting people all over the world.

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