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In this act came the liberation from shame and reconnection with others.

Mark's Story Targeted because he was “different,” both within and outside his family, Richard battled back to become a successful professional and married man who is no longer defined by his tormenters.

This multimedia awareness campaign, called the Bristlecone Project, was founded by Dr. They’re men who confront the past, but who walk forward into the future.” — David Lisak, Ph D, Bristlecone Project Founder An iron will, “Irish stubbornness,” and the written word have carried Callen from a childhood of abuse to an adulthood as a successful playwright and activist on behalf of male survivors.

Callen's Story As a teenager, Das could not disclose his abuse when his girlfriend revealed her own.

They are diverse group of people with different backgrounds and experiences, dedicated to offering support.

RAINN carefully vets, trains, and monitors the performance of all staff members.

Trained RAINN support specialists operate the Online Hotline out of the Washington, DC and New York City metropolitan areas and have helped more than 300,000 users since its launch in 2006.

Beginning in 2015, Online Hotline sessions have been available in Spanish as well as English.

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At the start, it was only available 2 hours per day, 2 days per week.

The service is completely anonymous and confidential—we will never ask you for any information that would identify who you are.

You can feel free to share as much or as little as you like with us. You can take comfort in knowing that RAINN’s Online Hotline support specialists are trained to meet the unique needs of survivors.

Anyone affected by sexual assault, whether it happened to you or someone you care about, can find support from online.

You can also call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.

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