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Likewise, some streets like Mar Mkhayel or Hamra have busy bar streets where sexy dressed lebanese women and men go to party and drink until morning, and in another you might find a more conservative environment with veiled conservative women and men.Due to its previous history of colonization by Romans, Greeks, French, Arabs, Turks, as well as its own rich heritage since the Phoenicians, and a long tradition of Lebanese adapting abroad and emigrating, Lebanese are cultured and open.There are myths and legends about the beauty of Lebanese girls, and you will find all of them to be true in Beirut.Friendly in nature, they do not hesitate to chit-chat with you, especially if you are a foreigner.Beirut suffered one of the longest contemporary Civil War and the remains of which are visible even today.With so much war and destruction in its past, it is one of the safest cities in the region and is the most liberal and westernized city in the Middle East, outside of Israel.

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Last night my wife got into bed wearing some flannel pajamas and I thought my love life is dead for good... Since the population is mixed, you will find girls that are conservative and girls who are not.The girls here are familiar with western culture as most have family or friends staying abroad.If you approach them, they will greet you with a big smile.Beirut is still a bit more conservative in the dating culture and a bit slower but since it’s a mix of different cultures, you get plenty of opportunities to meet and hook up with girls here if you have the charm.

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