Are rian and cassadee dating

And he was all about the rah-rah tweets throughout the competition. She's going to bring back the hey dey of early 2000s punk pop.

This isn't a fact, I'm just kind of deciding it myself.

Pope and Dawson looked adorable as they were seen kissing each other in Pope’s post.

Cassadee Pope is channeling her split with fiancé Rian Dawson into in July after over seven years of dating (and five months engaged), but.

For now — I don't know, it's still new." "I think the original idea [for the date] was his and then I was like, ‘How about tomorrow?

She's sung with everyone: Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, All-Time Low... And speaking of All-Time Low: she's dating their drummer, Rian Dawson.Following the win, Cassadee reportedly recieved 0 thousand in prize money.More significantly, she earned a recording deal with the from Cassadee.Cassadee Pope, whose vocals just shimmer, was crowned the show's season-three winner last night. While you work on that--let's go over a few things to know about Miss Cassadee. Cassadee fronted the band Hey Monday for the last several years--so there's plenty of vintage to give you your fix while she's in the studio.I may be biased--and unnecessarily influenced by her modern-Cinderella gown last night--but I think she's the strongest persona out of the show yet. She knocked Psy out of the #1 i Tunes spot with her performance of "Over You." Three cheers for giant-slaying!

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