Beavis and butthead in dating

Her relationship with her little sister Quinn is especially strained, as the two are polar opposites on everything.

Daria, being the brains of the family, can easily manipulate them into doing whatever she wants for her own entertainment, with the occasional exception of her mother, who's implied to know more about her daughter than she lets on.

The teachers at Lawndale High all have a tendency to bring out Daria's rebellious side. Li, the principal, regularly butts heads with Daria, usually because Daria objects to her money-grubbing schemes and borderline dictatorial method of managing the school. O'Neill sees potential in Daria as a writer, but his overbearing personality proves a source of irritation for her, though she usually gets back at him for this by playing on his gullibility.

The only boy in school to show any attraction towards Daria is the school sex-pest Charles "Up-Chuck".When Jane's ex-boyfriend Tom starts dating Daria, it causes a huge strain on their friendship.Only after spending the summer apart do they figure themselves out and patch up.You can tell that Beavis and Butt-Head are metalheads because when a metal video comes on during a music video segment, they say things like "YES! Furthermore, the guys wear rock tees bearing the names of what the viewer can assume are their favorite bands: Beavis sports a Metallica T-shirt, while Butt-Head rocks one for AC/DC.As you're probably aware, those are both famous, popular bands with which even a casual young music band would be familiar.

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