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How dare an event that is set for Black Women is scheduled on a holiday that is celebrated by less than 10% of the women in America (and rarely celebrated by Black Women) should be cancelled in its entirety! Black Women are asked to take a back seat again."She also noted that NOW had no input into the decision or the process of setting the date for the march."This March for Black Women will not have any adverse affect or take anything from the Jewish holiday that is celebrated," Fortson-Washington said.30 in Washington, DC, by the Black Women’s Blueprint group, with NOW listed as one of several partners supporting the event.NOW has also formally endorsed the march, with President Toni Van Pelt saying, "as feminists we support the march because white supremacy pushes us all downward."Van Pelt did not immediately respond to a request for comment.We would march on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve," she said."Oppression doesn't sleep, we don't sleep" she said, adding that many members of the Jewish community were actively participating in both the March for Racial Justice and the March for Black Women.In a statement to Buzz Feed News on Monday, Black Women's Blueprint, said, "We have no quarrel with Jewish women, or persons who for various reasons believe there should be no march for Black women on September 30, 2017.Van Pelt also responded to the email chain, telling NOW members, "Carry on."In a statement to Buzz Feed News, Morris said, "NOW had nothing to do with the date choice. The planners have apologized for overlooking the Jewish holiday, but will March for Black Women." Marilyn Fitterman, a longstanding NOW member, quit the organization on Wednesday because of its endorsement of the March for Black Women being held on Yom Kippur.

The March for Black Women has been organized for Sept.In a Facebook post, Fitterman said, "NOW has ringingly endorsed the black womens March being held on Yom Kippur.I will no longer belong to NOW after having spent more than 40 years as an activist for NOW. NEVER AGAIN" Her Facebook post generated a heated debate in the comments, with some NOW members accusing Fitterman of "racism and white supremacy.""I'm really offended by the RACISM and WHITE Supremacy embedded in Ms Fettermans SMOKE SCREEN of a REASON for quitting NOW!They said, 'Yom Kippur is fine with us," Perri Fitterman said."My mother, a past president of NOW in New York state, organized the very first women of color coalition during her term in the office.And they're calling her a racist," she said, adding that she, too, was considering quitting the organization.

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