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All the while, make sure you’re well supported with a swimtop with cups, a halter top or heavy-duty underwire. There are TONS of awesome plus-size swimwear available these days, and they are affordable and stylish (no more hideous floral printed muumuus). As far as colors and patterns go, look for the “crossover” style (you’ll know it when you see it) and avoid horizontal stripes along the waistline.

Most plus-size sistas think they look “slimmer” by covering themselves up. Also, the more skin you show, the thinner you look, so don’t be afraid to show what your mama gave you (within reason).

You’ve just gotta know what to look for, and of course, being your cyber fairy godmothers, we’ve put together some excellent swimwear options.

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When picking out suits, think voluptuous, not matronly.

Play up your assets (great bustline (Helen Mirren) or curvy hips (Susan Sarandon).

Try patterns (not the standard muumuu floral print) and try a bit of color.

If you’ve got an athletic body type, you’ve got lots of choices and many swimsuits can give you the curves you crave.

When you need add shape and curves, embellishments will do the trick.

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