Brodcasting chat rooms for teenagers

That’s very, very scary." mom Lathesha Fraith exclaimed.

Her son is only 18 months old, but he already knows his way around electronics.

She tried to stay in character with frequent use of the word "like" and alternate spellings that produced "kewl" for cool.

This man sent a photograph, ostensibly of himself, showing a balding man with a mustache and beard.

Several agents acknowledged that they can get discouraged by the volume of images and the number of people who appear eager to see them.

Bell, the unit chief, would not discuss the investigation.

Seconds after she announces her presence in an online chat room, the girl is besieged by a half-dozen men who want to know more about her. " one man asks, after about a dozen quick exchanges that begin with her age (13) and why she is home on a school day (illness).

The edgy online banter is taking place in an AOL chat room ostensibly for women who like older men, but known as a forum for men who want to make contact with girls.

The real danger that child pornography presents, shown in several recent cases of sexual abuse that have come to public attention, "is a phenomenon that American and the world has only begun to understand, " Allen said.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales recently called attention to the issue in a speech filled with graphic images that he said was necessary to get the nation's attention.

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