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These are in no specific order, and as always, I don’t aim to upset anyone, not Panamanian and not readers from any other country.

I love Panama and its people, so in no way is this meant to insult anyone.

Not all of them are R-rated, not all of them are strictly religious-based and not all of them are as predictable as you may think.

It is what has kept the book alive and why it continues to be a favorite in today’s world. is the first volume of a series of romance novels set in the twentieth century.

We realize that many of you historical romance novel fans have either read it, seen the movie or you are just sick of hearing about it, which is why we’ve included a mixture of classic favorites and new best sellers on our list. Hannah, the main character, and her two sisters are forced off the family home due to a bank foreclosure. Apart from an exciting plot and storyline, the author has thoroughly researched the details of her novel and this is very evident as you read them.

Are these the three very best books in existence on the planet in the category of historical romance novels? We highlight three of them to give you an idea of the options available and hopefully show you some new books that you haven’t already read.

If you have read them all, then have a look at the other great options on our list.

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