Co stars dating in real life

Don’t know who that random girl is…'”Okay, we admit, this was purely made up by the fans.

After Kit and Emilia made it clear that they were not dating, the fans turned their hopes towards the new Stark patriarch.

Caitriona said she was sorry to break fans hearts, but the only romance was the one between Jaime and Claire.

Will the very single co-stars be the next hot couple? Will there be an abundance of male fans that will be brokenhearted if Sam has captured Caitriona’s heart?

Of course, we expected no less from a show that had slightly *ahem* unconventional love stories of every sort.

Once in a while, true love develops in the story, only to die a painful death few episodes later.

What started as a trend among teen shows (like on Disney and Nickelodeon) soon became common in adult shows like Vampire Diaries (that had seven real-life couples). Game Of Thrones is undoubtedly the biggest show ever.

It is the best in many different categories, including the dating scenario.

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