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Further, the decay of these atoms into carbon 12 is progressing at the same rate as the creation of these atoms.

All things should absorb these atoms of carbon 14 their entire life, maintaining the same ratio of Carbon 14 to carbon 12 as the atmosphere. This ratio, (1 to 1 trillion) will begin to change, the number of carbon 14 atoms diminish while the number of carbon 12 atoms remain the same.

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Conclusion: Yes you just saw the words "dead on to the biblical etc." don't panic, you should have read along, now look at what you've missed.

Percent 14C Remaining Percent 12C Remaining Ratio Number of Half-Lives Years Dead(Age of Fossil) 100 100 1 to 1T 0 0 50 100 1 to 2T 1 5,730 25 100 1 to 4T 2 11,460 12.5 100 1 to 8T 3 17,190 6.25 100 1 to 16T 4 22,920 3.125 100 1 to 32T 5 28,650 T = Trillion The Problem Dr.

Willard Libby first experimented with carbon 14, assuming that the ratio of one carbon 14 to one trillion carbon 12 atoms has always been the same.

Also, volcanoes, floods, decaying plants from floods,( and if the bible is true, there was a big one), can all greatly increase the carbon 14 in the atmosphere, ruining any chance of getting an "accurate ratio".

In the 1990's a group known as the RATE group was put together to determine the age of the earth.

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