Cyclist dating site

Users fill out a survey which covers everything from eye color to drinking habits to number and style of bikes owned.

The survey also includes questions such as “What bike is in your garage that you would never sell?

Bicycle, Tour de France, cycling - are these some of your favorite words? This is a free dating site that brings bike lovers together.

If the answer to these questions is yes, then Cycling Singles is for you.

If you'd rather go on your next date cycling together rather than at the movies, then we've got the site for you.

Whether you prefer Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Hybrid, BMX, Folding Bikes, or Recumbent or Tandem Bikes, then Cyclist is the place to find dates who love cycling just as much as you do.

“So many marriages break down because one half is out on the bike all the time.

Users tend to “like” other users simply based on whether they find the other person attractive in their photos.

This instant and superficial like or dislike reaction is what psychologists call “thin-slicing,” the ability to make very quick and surprisingly accurate extrapolations about an individual with minimal amounts of information.

It seems like there’s a dating site for everything these days, so it comes as no surprise that someone finally launched one specifically for cyclists.

As the Telegraph reports, former professional bike rider and entrepreneur Kelli Salone has recently launched Ride2Love, a dating site focused on helping people who ride bikes find love, and a new riding partner.“A lot of women were telling me they’d like to find a partner who they could ride bikes with,” Salone told the Telegraph.

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