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And that charm has been reflected in his dating history as he has been linked with numerous 'who's who' of the industry.The long list of girlfriends includes Ashlee Simpson, Kaley Cuoco, Andrea Boehlke, Ashley Greene, and Taylor Cole.Rather than proving a limitation, heterochromia has enhanced his attractiveness.His macho physique along with his natural blue and green eyes has made him a firm fan favorite, especially among females.A sense of humor came on top of the list of the qualities along with being a spontaneous person with a good heart.Moreover, the actor disclosed that he gets attracted towards the one with a good heart and a pure soul who loves to help others.What's more, his chemistry with his on-screen girlfriend Julie Gonzalo also garnered positive reviews.

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Cameron has had make-out sessions with non-girlfriend Rachel Bentley, and close encounters with another non-girlfriend at 1OAK. I’ll answer how many girlfriends I had if I get to 13,000,” Cameron said on You Now. “Okay, I have had ONE girlfriend,” Cameron confirmed. that was a lot easier than I thought.” Although Cameron has millions of girls pining over him – his official girlfriend count was much lower than fans expected. 1980 to 2000 Dallas Green is born September 29, 1980 in St. His parents name him Dallas, after the then-manager of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team; his father had placed a bet on them in the 1980 World Series and the team ultimately won the pennant. "We would have mosh bands, crust, emo, San Diego screamo, youth crew, all over the place….Dallas learns to play guitar, then teaches himself piano, sneaking into his school's music room during lunch. [sic] and they all would play the same show…[and they] would all sound totally different." "Early 2000s screamo really connected with me," Mac Neil tells Exclaim! "From an art and lyrical standpoint it was pushing things a little bit more." As a teen, Pettit regularly ventures into nearby St.

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