Dating a hundi man

If food is to be tasted while cooking, a small portion is placed in the right hand.

Similarly, one would not touch the lips to a water vessel that is also used by others.

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However the practice of the same is to done by the individuals as per their own best judgment.

This same remedy applies to inadvertently hitting someone with the hand or foot or bumping into him or her. GIVING AND RECEIVING WITH BOTH HANDS: Giving and accepting things from one to another, presenting offerings to the Deity, etc., is most properly done with both hands.

This genuine acknowledgment of seniority is demonstrated through endearing customs, such as sitting to the left of elders, bringing gifts on special occasions, not sitting while they are standing, not speaking excessively, not yawning or stretching, not putting one's opinions forward strongly, not contradicting or arguing, seeking their advice and blessings, giving them first choice in all matters, even serving their food first. NAME PROTOCOL: Younger never uses the proper name of their elders.All items are washed in preparation and, if carried more than a short distance, wrapped or covered. THE LEFT HAND: In Hindu culture the left hand is considered impure because it is used (with water) in the place of toilet paper for personal hygiene after answering the call of nature. The cultured Hindu never wears shoes or sandals inside a temple or shrine, nor in his home or the homes of other Hindus. CAUTION WITH FOOTWEAR: It is very important to apologize immediately if one touches someone with his or her shoe or sandal.Handing another person anything with the left hand may be considered a subtle insult. Carrying shoes in the hands from one part of the premises to another is also avoided. This is done by touching the right hand to where the foot touched the other person and then touching one's right hand lightly to his own left eye and then the right.Beholding, with inner or outer vision, a temple image, Deity, holy person or place, with the desire to inwardly contact and receive the grace and blessings of the venerated being or beings. DAKSHINA: It is tradition to provide dakshina, a monetary fee or gift to a priest given at the completion of any rite.Dakshina is also given to gurus as a token of respect for their spiritual blessings.

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