Dating excuses

So if you take anything away from this kind of situation, you should realize that he's insecure and that something about you or your life is making him feel that way.

He is probably super intimidated by you, whether that's by your self-confidence or work ethic or both.

He might even say that this has nothing to do with you, he just likes to take things slow in relationships generally, and so he felt the need to bring it up. It's the worst to like a guy and be told that, oops, he just wants to be friends. This will be frustrating AF to hear because you are probably talking to him on an online dating site or a dating app. Instead of wasting time wondering why he doesn't want to date you and trying to figure out the meaning behind his words, you should definitely find someone who wants to and you will forget all about this silly and annoying situation.

This is even worse when you are actually going out with him. A guy can tell you this when you haven't even gone on a first date yet, of course, and at least then it will make some kind of sense. There's nothing wrong with showing someone how you feel. You have probably online dated in the past or you are doing that right now. So, of course, you have to wonder why he even made a profile and went on it in the first place. You have definitely heard guys say that they don't know what they want, right?

Dating is always complicated and sometimes, people make it a lot more difficult and confusing than it needs to be. Sometimes a guy will tell you that he can't date you because he's going on vacation.

You have definitely had guys give you every potential excuse under the sun about why they can't go out with you, whether you just met them, have been chatting with them online or have been dating for a while. Maybe he's going away for a week, maybe it's two weeks, but chances are he is not actually moving somewhere and will be home pretty soon.

It makes you think that you're going crazy and that you thought that you were marching toward a relationship when in reality, you were going nowhere. Seriously, why would someone date you and then tell you that they just want to be friends? But when he tells you this and you have been dating for a bit, it's really annoying and it will take everything within you not to yell at him. Sometimes they will tell you that they can't even go on a first date with you because they don't know if they want a relationship or not so they figure they might as well say no. You haven't even sat down across from this person and talked to them, so how could you possibly know if you are ready to make them your boyfriend? He might think that he is totally correct for telling you that he doesn't know what he wants so he can't date you, but honestly, he's just giving you an excuse.

The best thing that you can do is realize that being friends is not a good idea and get over him. If a guy tells you that you are, then he's not comfortable with getting close enough to someone to date them, and that's his problem, not yours. You're not being clingy if you're texting him on a regular basis, asking when he wants to hang out next, and/or acting like you like him. There is definitely another reason why he doesn't want to go out with you. Just forget about it and focus on being the awesome you that you are.

You could still be making up your mind, especially if you have just started seeing him pretty recently.He is giving you an excuse and it's honestly a big lie.He just wants to make himself feel better and talk himself up.He could be too immature for you (which is probably what's happening) or he could be not telling you something, and honestly, you probably don't even want to know what's actually going on.Sometimes a guy will tell you that he doesn't "feel a strong connection" when you two are hanging out or that he's "not sure" if he wants to date you.

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