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You had one of the most beautiful souls, and there are no words I can really find to express how I feel.

But what I do know, is you loved so hard and so much, especially your little girl. I love you Danielle, Rest In Peace baby girl So thrilled my Sint Maarten path crossed with Rebecca's path. I loved her laugh and the fact she could get me to do things no one else could. He worked many years for my family & later for me at Ocean Eddie's Seafood Restaurant.

It was obvious to see how much you loved and cared for each other.

I always thought of you both as ‘frick and frack’, a dynamic duo who did everything together, and made others smile at the way you would tease each other in a fun, loving way.

Other texts you may want to consider which happen to be some of our favorites are: Isaiah 25:8, 1Corinthians , Psalm & Revelation 21:3, 4.

For a certainty these promises offer a real solid hope and are true because God cannot lie.

We've found the resurrection accounts of the daughter of Jairus at Luke -55 & Lazarus at John -45 to be very uplifting.

We've learned these accounts as well as others wonderful miracles performed by Christ Jesus during his earthly ministry, served as but a preview of what is soon to take place on a global scale as promised by his Heavenly Father Jehovah, finally removing the pain and sorrow felt during this difficult time.

I had the honor of being able to call you my friend, to be loved by you.

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I was happy that my children, Billy and Nicole, got to spend some time with you and uncle Steve a few years ago.

They told me how cute the two of you were together.

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