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To the novice, online dating profiles today can look like bafflingly coded messages with random-ass numbers (aka the unspoken requirement for men to include their height) and nonsense acronyms (aka Myers-Briggs personality type indicator).But no online dating term has garnered quite as much instant popularity and vitriolic backlash as the sapiosexual.What sapiosexuality really seems to emphasize is people's desire for an equal partner with shared interests, opinions, self-actualization, drive, and education levels.

Over the past year alone, Ok Cupid also saw a 42 percent increase in people using the term on their profiles, according to a statement provided to Mashable by its global communications manager, Michael Kaye.

The problem, though, is that calling yourself a sapiosexual can mean a whole lot of different things — and not all of them are great.

The rise of sapiosexuality is inextricably linked to the struggle to communicate who you really are to the rest of the internet.

I like someone who takes their time seriously to better themselves intellectually by learning more about people and the world versus staying stuck in their own little bubble.

I think it's a thirst for information which turns me on," said Jen Kaarlo, a 35-year-old UX copywriter.

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