Dating issues that concern you

Whatever behaviors might be an issue for you, try to imagine them heightened down the line, and ask if you can live with that."You can give your new partner the benefit of the doubt, and take some time to work on things. there are some incompatibilities from the beginning, it's probably best to fold and move on, because that is not going to get better." With that in mind, here are a few early relationship problems that may get worse over time, according to experts."Perhaps they can control the negative behavior," Dr. If you two aren't the most sexually compatible, you can definitely work on it by communicating and experimenting.It can also become frustrating, if these things are important to you and not your partner, or vice versa.But again, it's about focusing on what's important to you.And that's something many people can magically change about themselves, unless they show you they're really committed to trying.It's not uncommon to downplay financial issues in the first few months of dating.But simply prioritizing healthier communication can be a big help, too.If someone can't be respectful on the first date, imagine how they'll act on the 100th.

Unclear relationship boundaries almost always lead to resentment, which is something that can get worse with time — for you your partner."While we all want to love others 'no matter what,' we must first love ourselves and establishing healthy boundaries and standards is the best thing we can do," dating expert Lisa Concepcion, founder of Love Quest Coaching, tells Bustle."Don't wreck a relationship just because you are stressed about money and don't like or respect the way your partner handles it." Instead, talk about it — before it gets out of hand.Any fights about family members or ex partners will likely only get more heated, so you'll want to nip those in the bud ASAP.But from there, differing opinions can begin to impact things like your household bills, rent, and so on."Since [money is] such a crucial aspect in day-to-day life ...understanding how both you and your [partner] relates to it is important," speaker and life coach Jaya Jaya Myra, tells Bustle.

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