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“We want our users to connect with someone who enjoys the same activities as they do,” Mike said.“Luv Byrd lets users know right away what they enjoy doing in the outdoors!“What I wanted to do with Luv Byrd is give everyone an opportunity to connect with whomever,” Mike said, adding that he didn’t think restrictive algorithms were the way to go. He figured his users are the best authority on what they want, so he lets them decide which search parameters to prioritize.“With Luv Byrd, you create your own search for your partner,” he explained.Luv Byrd has a presence in every state in the US, but by far its strongest foothold is in Colorado where the mountains attract many outdoorsy folks.

The dating site does not use complicated algorithms to divine matches from on high.Mike shared a link to Luv Byrd on Facebook because he hoped his friends and family would help him spread the word. Before the 26-year-old self-starter knew it, a friend of a friend contacted him about the outdoor-friendly site, making suggestions for how she thought it could be better.The conversation led to a fun first date where they bonded over a mutual interest in traveling.“There is no created algorithm — though you might say the user creates his or her own algorithm.” The dating site brings like-minded people together and lets them take it from there.Luv Byrd suggests certain matches (in the Connections tab) based on specific criteria, but it mostly leaves users to their own devices in the dating scene.

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