Dating majex watches

Alfred Wigley, an engraver, polisher and springer of watchcases, was involved in some way right from the start, eventually becoming a partner in 1879.

The company was called Dennison, Wigley & Company from 1879 until 1905.

The first major customer for Dennison watch cases was the American Watch Company of Waltham, and the coincidence of the date of 1874 in Aaron Dennison leaving the The Anglo-American Watch Company and setting up a case making company, together with the opening in 1874 of the London office of the American Watch Company looks very significant.

In 1878 a Select Committee of the House of Commons was set up to look into gold and silver hallmarking.

The setting up of the watch case factory in Birmingham coincided with the opening in 1874 of the London office of the American Watch Company by Nelson Pitkin Stratton, who had joined the company in 1852 and been made assistant superintendent in 1857.

The American Watch Company of Waltham by this time was mass producing watch movements at a tremendous rate, more than they could sell in America, which like Europe from 1873 had been undergoing a recession, so they looked to export their excess production.

In about 1840 he began to think about manufacturing complete watches in the United States by machine.

In 1849 Dennison approached Edward Howard, partner in the company Howard & Davis, with his plan, and a factory was created at Roxbury, Massachusetts for the new firm which, after several initial changes of name, was called Dennison, Howard & Davis.

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