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However, I found them to have slightly better bodies.

With that said, the differences between the two is like splitting hairs.

You have the holy trinity of Game (Online, Nightgame, Daygame) to meet your Russian beauty.

It is well established that Russian women of Moscow are beautiful, stylish and feminine. I have been to Moscow now three times with duration ranging from one week to 6 weeks.

I found it best to politely change the conversation, stating that I am not political and I wish the situation to improve soon. This is a chic venue, better suited for a date spot.

Chesterfields: Perhaps the best-kept secret in Moscow! Ladies drink for free Wednesday night at Chesterfields and get absolutely smashed. Mendeleev Bar: Located on Petrovka street, it is difficult to find at first. Nore: Nice open space with a good wine selection located on Tverskaya. It is the spot to hit when you have run out of options. It is one of the few cities I have been to where you can crack the 8 range with Nightgame. Located near the upscale area of Patriarch’s Ponds, this New York-style restaurant is a trendy place to grab a drink in one of the best neighborhoods in Moscow.

I am struck by their intelligence, femininity and conversational skills.

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Similar to my experience with Ukrainian women, they are clever.

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We tend to think of slender blondes, but Moscow is diverse.

People from all parts of the former Soviet Union have settled into Moscow to work and attend university.

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