Dating safety website

Their availability is often limited and they may not readily share contact details.

Again, if you are okay with this, or in a similar situation, then there is no issue, but be wary of these people if you want a monogamous, committed relationship.

They may be frequently unavailable, citing lame excuses, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

They may also suddenly contact you quite late for a ‘booty call’. It is a good idea though, to ask some questions so you know what they are looking for, and you can be sure you are both looking for the same thing.

Cheaters are often married or in a relationship and are looking for something outside their current relationship.

Most will lie about the fact they are married or have a partner.

If you want to try online dating, browse some of the apps and websites that offer it.

They may, however, be just really desperate to attract people or they may do it to fool others. Scammers are most likely to deceive you into helping them with a financial problem.If you make your own way there and home, don’t park somewhere that seems unsafe.Consider asking a friend to give you a lift for the first couple of dates – it may be safer. Consider asking some friends to be nearby for the first date, and have them call you at an agreed time to check that you are okay.This can act as a background check in the first instance, but also it can verify or disprove claims and statements made at the initial meeting, or it may confirm any suspicions you might have.Avoid sharing too many of your details too soon – your address, where you work, favourite restaurants or clubs, and family life and children – until you get to know the person better.

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    But, by reminding yourself of the person you’re meeting, it’ll help you when it comes time to conversation-starters and icebreakers, too.

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    Anyway, the monthly cost of a paid membership is small, compared with your overall "dating cost", which may include travel expense, dinner, etc.

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