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Despite his easy-going slacker image, he in fact shows some talent in his line of duty in the least expected situations, like in episode 3, when he is seen to be able to do ventriloquism and use sign language.

At home he is not as hyper as he is in the office due to always tiring himself out playing computer games.

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Out of all the three new employees, she seems to be the most naïve and low guarded.

She dislikes Hasebe at first because of his constant teasing of her, but throughout the story, she has somewhat noticed his feelings towards her.

A 24-year-old college graduate and a soft-spoken girl who tends to keep her opinions of other people to herself.

She was first assigned as one of many front desk officers, and spends most of her time listening to the never-ending rants of their older customers, especially the elderly Mrs. A social service employee who is actually working as a temporary employee with a shorter shift than others.

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