Dating vintage clothing tags

If yes, and the lot number is readable (lower left corner) you can check the lot number.

If it’s tagged “557” followed by “XX” then it’s older than 1971 e.g. The Type III jacket evolved from the 557 series to the 70505, 71205, 70518 and so on, as different fits and lengths being introduced over time.

Lemon yellow thread was phased out and replaced with orange thread as a main color, and around the late 60’s they stopped using it completely.

If your jacket has a small e-Red Tab and no side pockets, then your jacket was most likely produced between 1971-84.The jackets are produced in larger quantities and due to their age, less likely to be in rags.If your jacket has four pockets in addition to the two chest pockets, it’s been produced around 1984 or later.Aside from the condition and design (a rare design is naturally more sought after) of the garment, age plays the biggest role in determining the worth of a vintage Levi’s jacket.Below is a list of features to take into consideration when dating vintage Levi’s jackets, beginning with the first things to look for.

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