Dating your quilt

That means that even though it’s soft and cuddly, even one wash can pill that baby up. You may want to use a lingerie bag to cut down on that fraying problem. If things do get a little wrinkled, it’s not a bad idea to iron things out before sewing. Try pressing flannel instead (holding the iron in place for a few seconds), or even trying starch. )You have to pardon the Flight of the Conchords reference. Arm your sewing machine with a new, 80/12 or even 90/14 machine needle if you have one.Lower quality flannel can come with distorted plaid as well. Because of all of that stretchiness, flannel can slide a bit, making it hard to sew. As far as stitch length goes, try making them a bit longer than if you were quilting with light-weight quilting cotton.Hepfer notes, "We have seen quilts framed in a shadow box and hung on a large wall as an art fixture. "When decorating with vintage quilts it's important to keep a visual balance," Chaus says. With it, you're not just decorating but immortalizing an age-old craft.

So I think you can imagine how thrilled I was when my friend April gave me a set of pre-printed custom quilt labels with my name already on them! The set came in a variety of styles and colors so I can match the label to the individual quilt. April is the owner of Modern Yardage – a custom fabric printing business.

I don’t always get along with sewing machines, and I suffer from serious shrinkage.​We get it, flannel.

No one reveals all of their baggage on the first date. You may remember it from your childhood pj’s to that awesome well-worn shirt you had throughout high school, then college..the first ten years after college...(whatever happened to that shirt?! Here’s its secret: part of the flannel-making process is using a fine metal brush to raise some of the cloth’s fibers (usually only on one side), napping it up a bit, and really upping flannel’s fluffy feel.​Quilting with flannel is an obvious fan favorite because of this softness and warmth, but just like quilting with any new fabric, it’s good to know what you’re working with before you really get going. Most often this fuzzy fabric comes in narrower rolls.

I’ve used this method – simple, no thinking, easy to sew on – but it’s my handwriting that is the hang-up for me.

I think of all the quilts I’ve made over the years (which is not a few) I’ve labeled maybe 5. One of my favorite’s is Crazy Mom Quilt’s quilt label tutorial– she makes is so simple to do.

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