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Tinder on the other hand argued that over half their user base was aged 18-24 (though the two nearly tarry up if we extend the range to 34, with Tinder’s 85% not hugely different to Global Web Index’s 83%).

The Global Web Index survey also shows that 76% of Tinder users were based in an urban setting, while 17% were rural and 7% rural.

Another set of Tinder statistics come from We are Flint, who conducted a more recent survey in early 2018, of just over 2,000 Tinder users in each of the UK and the US.

In the US, it was found that twice as many men use Tinder than women.

The proportion of married users was not only discrepancy between the two sets of Tinder statistics.

Global Web Index claimed that only 38% of users were aged 16-24, with a further 45% aged 25-34.

Tinder is a dating app that matches users to others based on geographic proximity.

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Tinder vigorously denied this, arguing that their largest Tinder demographic was 18-24 year olds.Unsurprisingly, usage is much higher among urban populations, as there just aren’t as many matches in rural areas.Usage among higher income brackets is fairly consistent at 20%, while those in lower brackets tend to use it a little less.With its basis in physical proximity, it dispenses with the complex algorithms utilised by other mobile dating apps and simply reduces it to the simplest level that you might find in real life: physical attraction.For that reason, Tinder has gained a reputation as a ‘hook-up app’ – though with its entrenchment in the world of modern dating, it’s not uncommon for Tinder users to be looking for a deeper connection.

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