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It promotes the concept of effective building management and works closely with other government departments to consistently improve the standard of building management in Hong Kong.

It monitors the provision of new arrival services and identifies measures to meet the needs of new arrivals.

He is charged with implementing and co-ordinating the execution of district programmes, ensuring that the advice of the district council is properly followed up, and promoting residents' participation in district affairs.

In addition, he is required to maintain close liaison with different sectors of the community and reflect their concerns and problems to the Government.

Also, he acts as a link between the district council and departments and serves as a mediator between them when problems arise.

One of the first legal attempt to control districts came in 1888 under the "European District Reservation Ordinance", which reserved areas exclusively to Europeans.

The concept of boundary separation only became important around 1870, when cultural conflicts increased between coolies, Chinese and the British.

There have been two major changes on district divisions since their implementation in 1982: .

The provisional district boards were in turn replaced on 1 January 2000, with 18 district councils.

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