Dos and don39ts of online dating for men

Don’t: Tell fibs There’s no use filling your profile with claims of how much you love to cook when in reality your solitary signature dish is spag bol from a jar.

Highlight the things you really like, rather than what you think sounds impressive.

My brother told me a story once about a guy in Taiwan that he met that would literally meet girls CONSTANTLY, simply because he matched his body wash, his cologne and his deodorant. No girl wants to go on a first date at 8pm, and see prince charming role up around . And even more importantly…don’t be pulling up at pm with flowers and a puppy.

5 minutes before and/or no later than 5 minutes after.

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Women are powerful, successful creatures and often times being over insistent on paying the bill can be insulting to a woman.

Talk about yourself a little bit, but be sure to be engaged and interested in what she has to say. If the date goes well DON’T walk away without a kiss.

They say first impressions are everything and that is especially true when it comes to dating.

Maybe you have no problem landing a first date with women.

However, if you’ve noticed that a follow up date never happens, then you most likely need our tips for a first date for men. Women and men will assess whether they want to go out with this person again based on their mannerisms and etiquette on the first date.

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