Duggar girls dating seminar

For one thing, the notion that women are to blame for lecherous behavior or even criminal sexual misconduct on the part of men is absurd. The Duggars have been accused of teaching their children that sexual assault victims are often to blame for the actions of their attackers.

Indirectly, it seems Jessa intends to perpetuate this.

Yes, experience helps a lot in working through the whole labor process but like I mentioned previously each labor is different and you just have to prepare yourself health wise and...

Last week, we learned that Jessa Duggar will be holding a seminar on modest dress at the upcoming Middletown Women's Retreat in Ohio.

The hardest thing about raising any number of children is purposing to keep up with their hearts. We try to have regular talks with each one individually on a weekly basis.

It is important to learn how to ask the right questions and not have a condemning spirit.

But there's a bigger reason fans are up in arms: Others object to the seminar on the grounds that Jessa is contradicting herself by charging fans -50 a seat to hear her lecture on modesty. “Being paid to talk about your modest lifestyle seems like an oxymoron,” commented one fan said on The Duggar Family Blog.

“It feels immodest to talk about how modest you are,” wrote another, echoing a familiar criticism of the famously conservative family.

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