East asian women and interracial dating resentment white women

Asian-American men are on average shorter than other males and society punishes short men.As Stanford University law professor Deborah Rhode points out, short men are less likely to be hired and promoted, paid less, and underrepresented in leadership positions.Using data from The Journal of the American Medical Association, they are 33% and 50% respectively more likely to be obese. Obese women are 20% less likely to marry and 30% less likely to had sex over the past year when compared to normal-weight women.They are also paid significantly less in the workplace (one study found that obese white women make 24% less).One survey showed that college students would prefer a spouse who is an embezzler, drug user, or shoplifter than someone who is obese.When it comes to dating, Raymond Fisman and his fellow researchers showed that men emphasize their partner’s looks far more than do women.In the past, this pattern has resulted in significantly more Asian-American women being married than Asian-American men. A second issue is whether it justifies the anger that is alleged to be percolating among black women and, to a lesser extent, Asian-American men.

It is unclear whether these anecdotes represent a widespread attitude or just attention-grabbing stories.On a side note a similar pattern likely holds for cohabitation and sex.Steve Sailor, president of the Human Biodiversity Institute, points out that this difference underestimates the pattern given the acute shortage of black males in relation to black females.In any case, this explanation is at most part of the picture because it doesn’t explain the pattern with regard to blacks.In addition, Steve Sailor points out that the social-conditioning theory fails to take into account how different the conditioning and culture are among groups like Koreans, Filipinos, Cambodian refugees, and 5th generation Japanese-Americans.

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