Emilie de ravin and robert pattinson dating speed dating in dc md va

Some ‘Robsten’ fans, who want Pattinson and Kristin Stewart to be a couple, disliked Emilie because they believed the rumours that she was dating Pattinson.

Speaking about the success of Lost, she said: "It's sort of hard to say.

To some he needs to be single, alone—presumably so he is available to them? Also, it is assumed he should not even make films which require him to make love with women. Perhaps fans have always felt so emotionally involved in their idols but, with twitter, facebook, fan blogs and websites, message boards, etc., now available to them, many fans make their voices heard, no matter how irrational, rude, crude, malicious, or hate-filled.

Suffice it to say that the 21st century is proving to be a mine-infested field for stars as big as Pattinson.

We’re going to get to the point where we basically know everything about each other, but you can’t obviously have the audience there for all of that. ”Remember Me gives de Ravin her largest film role to date – and not just because she’s starring opposite Pattinson.

The bulk of her big-screen appearances have been smaller supporting roles.

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