End of dating

After all, you can't miss each other if you're never apart.This could mean taking a week or two of not seeing each other, or it could simply mean scheduling a day or two of ‘me-time' in every week.

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Nothing else has changed, so it must be your feelings for them. They're clearly not the one, so you might as well just give up. You miss those exciting days of discovering a new person, but surely you could have that again with someone else, and this time you could make it last. Either way, it sounds like you just might be doing it for the wrong reasons.And how on earth are you meant to get through it and keep your relationship going?The honeymoon period tends to last anywhere between 6 months and a year.Sure, these days you're comfortable hanging out in your pajamas and eating ice cream out of the tub together, and that's great, but making a bit of an effort for each other will remind you of why it's worth making an effort. The important thing is that you're doing stuff as a couple that you've never done before, to remind yourselves that a long-term relationship needn't involve staring into the abyss of doing the exact same thing, every day, forever – you can still try new things. – Getting an outside view of your relationship may be just the thing to remind you of what you might be about to give up on.And can keep trying new things in case you get bored of the current new things and need some new new things. This is particularly great if you have a trusted female friend to turn to, who might just give you a better sense of how the relationship looks from the outside, and how it might look from your girlfriend's perspective.

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