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They are also afraid adults will end the relationship for them and this scares them.

Sometimes the risks involved are so high that adults must intervene, but whenever possible it is important to strengthen the teen involved so he/she wants to end unhealthy relationships rather than taking over and making decisions for them.

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April 4-8, 2016 is National Youth Violence Prevention Week.

Parents, teachers and other adults must understand how pervasive dating violence is and actively work to help teens prevent this and know what to do if it happens to them. Teenagers learn how to be in healthy relationships from the adults in their lives.

Parents and teachers need to talk about how they think about and interact with their partners.

The same thing is true when a mother figure talks about the importance of not verbally lashing out at her partner when she is mad but rather taking time to figure out how to own her emotions, manage them, and talk about them constructively with her partner. Adults also need to spend time with teenagers and their dating partners.

By going out for pizza together, having them over to play games and just being in the house while they are hanging out, you see what the relationship is like and can provide guidance if something is beginning to be unhealthy. Teenagers frequently do not talk with anyone about violence when it occurs.

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