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The old control tower, 585 feet (178 m) away from the new one, was demolished August 5, 2006.

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In 1957 Atlanta saw its first jet airliner: a prototype Sud Aviation Caravelle that was touring the country arrived from Washington D. The first scheduled turbine airliners were Capital Viscounts in June 1956; the first scheduled jets were Delta DC-8s in September 1959.

In 1999 Hartsfield–Jackson's leadership established the Development Program: "Focus On the Future" involving multiple construction projects with the intention of preparing the airport to handle a projected demand of 121 million passengers in 2015.

The program was originally budgeted at .4 billion over a ten-year period, but the total is now revised to be at over billion.

The first trans-Atlantic flight was the Delta/Pan Am interchange DC-8 to Europe via Washington starting in 1964; the first scheduled international nonstops were Eastern flights to Mexico City and Jamaica in 1971-72.

Nonstops to Europe started in 1978 and to Asia in 1992–93.

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