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Mountains have been built and eroded, continents and oceans have moved great distances, and the Earth has fluctuated from being extremely cold and almost completely covered with ice to being very warm and ice-free.These changes typically occur so slowly that they are barely detectable over the span of a human life, yet even at this instant, the Earth's surface is moving and changing.This method uses the orientation of the Earth's magnetic field, which has changed through time, to determine ages for fossils and rocks.Geologists have established a set of principles that can be applied to sedimentary and volcanic rocks that are exposed at the Earth's surface to determine the relative ages of geological events preserved in the rock record.Accordingly, the oldest rocks in a sequence are at the bottom and the youngest rocks are at the top.Sometimes sedimentary rocks are disturbed by events, such as fault movements, that cut across layers after the rocks were deposited.

" First, the relative age of a fossil can be determined.

Each time a new layer of sediment is deposited it is laid down horizontally on top of an older layer.

This is the principle of original horizontality: layers of strata are deposited horizontally or nearly horizontally (Figure 2).

Just as when they were deposited, the strata are mostly horizontal (principle of original horizontality).

The layers of rock at the base of the canyon were deposited first, and are thus older than the layers of rock exposed at the top (principle of superposition).

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