How to prevent teen dating

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has developed technical packages to help states and communities take advantage of the best available evidence to prevent violence. The first component is the strategy or the preventive direction or actions to achieve the goal of preventing violence. The approach includes the specific ways to advance the strategy.This can be accomplished through programs, policies, and practices.For more info on this important subject, check out these additional resources: [2]Grunbaum JA, Kann L, Kinchen S, et al. Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance—United States, 2003. Preventing TDV requires a comprehensive approach involving diverse partnerships, working across multiple levels of the social ecological model, to influence the norms and behaviors of individuals, families, peer groups, schools, community and government organizations, neighborhoods, and the society at large (see figure above).Eighty-one percent of parents believe teen dating violence is not an issue or admit they don’t know if it’s an issue.Every relationship is different and teen relationships, which are often fraught with drama and high emotion, can be dynamic and intense.

This package is intended as a resource to guide and inform prevention decision-making in communities and states.The symposium series aims to spark dialogue on how we can work together to support the well-being of youth.” Advancing Healthy Youth Relationships and Social Justice: Ways to Prevent Teen Dating Violence in Schools and Communities equipped social work and education students with the knowledge and competencies needed to create the environments and social conditions that help young people build healthy relationships. Darren Lund, Ph D, a professor in the Werklund School of Education, says he was keen to partner with his social work colleagues to help raise awareness among pre-service professionals.“I recognize the strong links between our faculties,” says Lund.Teen dating violence is a serious problem affecting adolescents across the nation, and it is an issue that often goes overlooked or unrecognized.February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness month, and we’re joining the cause to get the word out about what teenagers, parents, teachers, and community members can do to be aware of and prevent teen dating violence.

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