Internet dating safety act illinois

A sex offender could easily use the credit card and birth date of a friend, relative, or someone completely unrelated in order to register on a dating site.

Using such limited data could then provide a false sense of security to the members of such a site, most of whom would not actually have a valid background check performed on them at all.

There's no one performing background checks on the people we meet in everyday life through work, on the street, in a bookstore, or in a bar.of safety—that ultimately caused the bill's downfall in Illinois.Representative Jim Sacia (R) brought a slew of critiques to the floor regarding the incompleteness of most background checks.Additionally, Sacia pointed out that only a small number of counties report crime data to a centralized database that could be accessed by such a service.This would mean that only a small fraction of citizens' information in Illinois would be available for use by online dating services, which is already being pulled using limited (and potentially incorrect or falsified), user-entered information.

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