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Our bilingually adept translators in English and Spanish can do an excellent job translating for you: whether it’s a business document or a paper for the purpose of dissemination of information and knowledge, they are here to do the best for you.Their translations will convey exactly what you meant to be conveyed, leaving no room for vagueness and uncertainty.

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They are not selected or validated by us and can contain inappropriate terms or ideas.

This is not likely to happen when you use the translation services we offer in the language group of English and Spanish.

We do not give you translations done by robots on translation software (like most of our competitors do) but offer professional translation services done by our translators who are proficient in both languages and experts in various subjects as well.

The reaction to the first TI Source Book has been so positive, that the task of completely rewriting and further developing the original would have been an intimidating task but for the help received from a number of those active within the TI movement.

La reaccin al primer Libro de Consulta de TI ha sido tan positiva, que la tarea de reescribir completamente y desarrollar posteriormente el original habra sido una tarea intimidante, a no ser por la ayuda recibida de varios integrantes activos del movimiento de TI.

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