Irish professional dating agencies

Just because a guy left school at 15 doesn't mean he's stupid, Maycock says, but she finds some women frustratingly snobbish about education and profession -- although a man may read the 'Financial Times' and be a successful businessman, if he doesn't have a degree, she says, a lot of women aren't interested: "As a dating agency catering for this sector, this is a major challenge for us.

"We're trying to bridge the gap between men who want women 15 years younger and women who only want a university-educated man." And, sometimes, even a degree isn't enough -- geographical location can be sticky.

Some over-50 males are seeking women their own age, Maycock acknowledges, but, she observes, they're a hot commodity in pubs, clubs and golf-clubs -- and they know it.

Based on what she admits is "educated guesswork" she believes that increasingly, single women in their 30s and 40s who genuinely want to settle down and have a family, are marrying older men in their early to mid-50s.

Men are agreeable to this, she says, because many bachelors who have turned 40 and are thinking about settling down tend to become very fussy about age.

"Women in Ireland tend to stay longer in education and do better than men, so for every one professional woman there's only 0.6 professional men.

"Therefore, women over the age of 50 who are educated and professional and want a professional man their own age are facing a challenge.

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