Is dating a different race a sin

Does the Bible Say a Wife Has to Obey and Be Submissive to Her Husband? The parents sometimes allowed their children to have a say in the choice, but frequently they did not (Genesis , 24:1-4, 38:6, Judges 14:1-2). The negotiations by the parents resulted in a betrothal, a binding agreement pledging the bride and groom to marriage.

Marriage was instituted by God as a lifelong commitment (Genesis -24, Matthew 19:3-9, 1 Timothy 4:1-5).

In Old Testament times, everyone was expected to be married and have children (Proverbs , Jeremiah 29:6).

However, Jesus was unmarried and said remaining unmarried (celibacy) was a good choice for those who could accept that life and devote themselves to God (Matthew -12). He said remaining unmarried was a good and holy alternative, but it is better to marry than to be tempted into immorality by passion (1 Corinthians 7:8-9).

Regardless of how we divide the roles and responsibilities in our marriages, though, we must be sure the marriage fulfills its essential family functions and provides a loving environment for children to grow into responsible adults.

Unselfish love is the "glue" that holds marriages together.

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