Is josh ramsay still dating amanda

Ever After, the third studio album from Marianas Trench, went gold in its first week.

He provided vocals for the opening theme song for The Hub's Transformers: Rescue Bots.

Originating from a family with a musical background, it is no wonder that Josh has managed to make a successful career in music – his mother was a singing teacher while his father was a recording studio owner; he has two sisters.

Josh attended Magee Secondary School, where att the age of only 14, Josh modestly dived into music, launching his solo career.

In 2017, they released "Rhythm of Your Heart." On March 1, 2019, their fifth album, Phantoms, was released, including singles such as "I Knew You When", "Only The Lonely Survive", and "Glimmer." The discography of Marianas Trench, a Canadian pop rock band, consists of four studio albums, two extended plays, 18 singles and 18 music videos.

I wish he was single but then again do you think anyone of us would ever have a chandce I mean he has a great personality on his songs so that must mean he must be an amazing person opr not I mean ive never had a crush on a cleberty until now obviouslyhim but I mean get real if ever you landed someone like him it would suck cause therewould be no privacy in your lives . We would have to understand that he is really busy.

All im saying is if anyones ment to be with him its me lol jk but i mean if anyone is ment to be with him then fait will find away to bring you together until then move on and enjoy his talent I could except it and hes the only cleleberty ive ever had a thing for lol Celeberty status is my fav song Yes, hes dating a wonderfull and beautiful girl named Amanda Mcewan and if any of you who say you "LOVE" josh ramsay and are "trenchers" you guys should be happy for him and not bash the love of his life,if hes happy you should be happy for him hes a wonderfull man with a wonderfull woman boo yeh, he isnt with you HAHA he is with the really pretty && Amazing Amanda Mc Ewan and surprisingly she is part of my friends family (not lieing at all!

Marianas Trench, Carly Rae Jepsen, Danny Fernandes, Emily Osment, Faber Drive, Down With Webster, Suzie Mc Neil, Jessica Lee, Anami Vice, Nickelback, Girlicious, By Starlight, 5 Seconds of Summer, Matt Webb, Lights Ramsay inherited that love of music by initially starting his own solo career at the age of 14. Ramsay got together with his sister, Sara Ramsay and formed the band Ramsay Fiction.

After ultimately not working out, Ramsay joined high school friend Matt Webb in hopes of creating a new band.

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