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I will always explain my motivations and themes if someone asks but I prefer to hear theirs." She further added about the art career,"There are so many. I am inspired by anyone who can actually make it on the radar." Currently, the couples seem to be happy together and there have been no rumors about disputes, possibility of divorce or another pregnancy at this moment.To end the article with a fun fact, Kari Byron has been an Atheist since her childhood days.Have they ended their relationship, or are they maintaining it low-key?The questions about the relationship got cleared when he became involved with a girl named Erin. The host’s girlfriend refuses to reveal her last name.

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Since 2015, Byron is a co-host of Thrill Factor along with Tory Belleci.

She is also a pescetarian; a vegetarian who eats fishes.

That might be the reason for why she used to get visibly disgusted whenever Myth Buster experiment requires the use of animal remains, like the one in the following video.

She stated,“We’ve been hyped about each other and what we create since the day we met.

I think there are just chemistry and just something animal about the attraction.” Recently, there is no news of the couple to produce more children.

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