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Feature Installed – This occurs after a feature is installed.Feature Uninstalling – This occurs when a feature is being uninstalled.Item File Moved – This occurs after a file is moved.Item File Moving – This occurs while a file is being moved.There are fundamentally five classes for Event Receivers for Share Point 2007. Web Deleted – This occurs after a website has been deleted completely. Web Deleting – This occurs before a website is deleted. Web Moved – This occurs after an existing website is moved. Web Moving – This occurs before a website is moved. Methods under the class SPList Event Receiver handle list level events. Field Added – This occurs after a field link is added to a list.Field Adding – This occurs when is field is being added to a content type.

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Item File Converted – This occurs when the type of file is being converted.

Field Updated – This occurs after a field is updated in a list.

Field Updating – This occurs when a field is being updated in a list.

Asynchronous event receivers are also known as ‘After’ event receivers.

They are used to perform some custom action after an event occurs.

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