Iwab0383e error validating parameters

You may have ended up writing thousands of lines of code to cover every possible scenario where the user could mess up the input.

Perhaps, you wrote one line of code that tells the user the input does not match the desired input. Sometimes it would almost be better to throw an error!

This allows us to stack further validation if we need for certain development situations.

The above parameter validation approaches help restrict anything from entering a script, though be careful about being too script in a manner that doesn't match your environment.

Whether using strings or integers, we can limit what values enter functions by using Validate Set.

Let's first look at using it with integers: Still, we can call the function with an invalid integer - in this case 1234 and we receive the error, Pass-Set : Cannot validate argument on parameter 'specificinteger'.

3.) From Default Values choose Non-Queried radio button and then press the FX button and paste this code.

See reference Link: Easy Step by Step SSRS Parameter Validation Using Code & Conditional Data Set I'm answering this to chip in another possible solution when working with SQL/Server.

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The benefits to using parameter validation attributes is two-fold.

The argument "1234" does not belong to the set "2801,2823" specified by the Validate Set attribute.

Supply an argument that is in the set and then try the command again.

First, you do not have to write the error messages yourself. You never enter the actual code if the parameter validation does not pass and the code does not get bloated from all the input checking.

You define the acceptable or non-acceptable attributes directly on the parameter and it throws the error. Some Power Shell parameter validation attributes allow you to specifically permit a null or empty value on an input parameter.

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