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"I was always filming everything, so I have footage of what really happened on my own camera." Pratt revealed that the producers created the Jen/Brody storyline to cause drama when things with Lauren and Brody didn't work out. I did not have history with [Spencer] and this was one of the things that really upset me, and this was when I started distrusting the producers." Yeesh! The Reason Lauren Conrad Was Upset at Speidi's Wedding Isn't What You Think...

But let's back up for a second: Spencer filmed his 3. Lauren's last episode of was the season five finale, when Heidi and Spencer get married.

Mayberry has been an outspoken critic of the Trump administration and has attributed his presidency with the rise of global activism for social issues, calling him "an unpunished sexual predator in office." Referring to the mixed reaction by the crowd to a Trump joke she told at a concert, Mayberry said "you can't say you don't think he's a racist. You can't say you don't think he's transphobic and homophobic, 'cause he has shown us who he is." Mayberry is a staunch advocate for gun control in the United States.

"I can vouch one billion percent to the point where I actually have the evidence, nobody has signed it off, but I have everything that supposedly happened with Jen Bunney and Brody," Pratt told .

It's like, yeah, a freckle past a hair." Lauren doesn't back down, saying, "You're not normal right now, what is wrong with you?

" When Lauren then says, "I just feel like you're f—ked up and it's my fault," Jason looks towards the cameras before saying, "Don't say this right now." Lauren finally points out to Jason that the producers wanted her to talk to him on-camera.

She further recounted her memory of the Dunblane massacre in which 16 children and one teacher were murdered with handguns, resulting in sweeping gun control legislation in the UK.

Mayberry credits these efforts with substantially decreasing the number of mass shootings in the UK.

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