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Accompanying the older songs in their set, such as “Anywhere” and “Don’t Close Your Eyes”, are the songs “Photographs” and “Pretty Girl”.These two new songs are truly pop-gems that I can’t wait to see appear on a new LMW recording; raw, honest, and catchy as all hell.

Definitely “up-and-coming.” Check them out at myspace.com/lettersmakewords - The Analog EP 1. They are planning a two week tour of the west coast for early 2010. Please marry me instead of her I want you the way you were Can’t you see I’m nothing like her And I wish time was more I never felt so far away before Can I take my chances If so, tell me where I stand [CHORUS ] 2x Take me, tell me everything I want to hear She’s gone Cause I wanna, wanna know Just what turns you on Written By: Nadia & Naomi Zep "I decided that I'm leaving." This he said, "I feel bad every morning when I leave my bed.

Check them out at: -Barb Rocks - Hailing from Mountain View, this poppy-rock group was formed by sisters Naomi and Nadia Zep. Imagine the sounds of The All-American Rejects, mixed with early Beatles pop, a dash of emo and powerful dueling female vocals. I hope she’s better than me)Do you ever slip and think about me(Your kiss spilled secrets of the many lips you’ve shared yourself)Like I’m always thinking about you Written By: Letters Make Words For a start, let’s just say I’ve had quite the week I’m so broke and I need to get weed So if you feel like I feel then turn on your radio Take a drive by myself to forget about it Take a hit let it out I can’t live without it For my own comfort I turn on the radio Every night it’s the same routine Wasting my energy dancing our lives away And getting shit from society, for doing what I think is right So if you feel like I feel then turn up the radio Feeling lost feeling found feel I can’t get around To waste some time I take a trip downtown To avoid all my phone calls I turn up the radio Tune it on tune it in and let it play Another song to pollute the airwaves Though it’s not my favorite it’s worth playing anyway Every night it’s the same routine Wasting my energy wishing I could fall asleep Cause tomorrow there’s work to be done The rent won’t pay itself So if you feel like I feel and hate being sober It’s no time to sit down the song’s almost over So if you feel like I feel then turn up the radio Don’t turn don’t turn down the radio It’s time to get high and let it go Every day and night We’re wasting time as we’re taking lives But we don’t pay no mind cause we know what it’s all about So if you feel like I feel that it’s too much to deal with Forget all your problems and dance like you mean it So if you feel like I feel then don’t turn off the radio Written By: Letters Make Words My heart hurts when you’re not around But it hurts me even more when you’re near Because I know it doesn’t matter how I try I will never be the one you wish to hold So let me go This I beg of you, let me go Ohh ohh I was fine long before we met I found different ways to forget about my lonliness But I can’t stand what you do to me Well get so upset when analyzing everything [CHORUS]I don’t know, I don’t know Why I let you get the best of me But I, I won’t let you take the rest of me Though I almost always disagree with what you say Know our conversations never tend to disappoint You said yourself we’re living proof that fate exists But if our fate is love then what are you so afraid of?

Letters Make Words is known for their sophisticated and hooky song writing, featuring dueling and harmonizing vocals that will catch you by surprise… Anywhere SOPHOMORE UNTITLED EP(Produced by Scott Llamas - Pop Smear Records) 1. Fronted by sisters Naomi and Nadia Zep they will catch you by surprise with their sophisticated and hooky songwriting. With their unfortunate Spinal Tap-esque curse of being unable to keep a drummer they have had to come up with creative solutions to keep their band afloat. [CHORUS] 2x Is there a chance maybe you’ll come around And help me get my feet back on the ground Maybe some day soon you’ll change your mind Well I just want to you to know, I’ll be waiting here for you It’s getting late Can we go to bed?

All of our memories can't be erased by all the things you see. Swear I've been here for too long." And I can't say I blame you, I feel the same.

In the pictures sent to me Well, he'd already got his ticket and packed his things. If I had the chance I'd be on the next plane out. So promise that you'll miss me And write me letters of a beautiful place Where life is better. I'll cross your thoughts, always stay in your heart. We'll make new memories seeing things other people only wish that they could see.

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