Manually updating punkbuster

It is developed by Even Balance and used in many online games.

This guide will have all available information regarding troubleshooting Punk Buster issues for EA games. Click on the Game drop down menu and select your title, in this case, Battlefield 3 / Battlefield 4 / BF: H. The box Game Path should automatically complete itself, but if it doesn’t click Browse and navigate to where you installed the game and then click on Add Game. You will now see your game in the main window, click Check for Updates. A window should pop up with a progress bar and update to the newest version of Punk Buster for the game, after it has finished a notification will appear, click Ok and you are done. While Punk Buster is designed to update itself, there can be an error and manually updating via PBSetup is recommended.

Even Balance does offer a standalone update tool called PBSETUP which you can download and run to manually add the Call of Duty games you have installed and force the update of local Punk Buster files but with the latest versions of PBSETUP released the older Call of Duty titles have been removed from the “supported games list”.

Our approach, technology, and experience have made Punk Buster the top-tier anti-cheat solution in the video game industry.

Before you begin: Punk Buster is not an EA-made program.

With the many places I had to look and find things I thought it would be best to just put some information here collectively to help individuals going through this in the future.

Thanks go to the following places for helping me gather information on this topic.

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