Although it's scary, sometimes you need to run away to see who is running with you.

In my case, when I broke up with my boyfriend, he just let me go, and that was all the reassurance I needed.

However, if you're considering breaking up with your partner, I hope I can help to make your decision a little easier and give you some peace of mind.

Here are some reasons it might be time for you to move on: First and foremost, let me say this: You should never have to look for evidence that the other person likes you. Nor should you ever have to earn love from the person you're dating.


You should want to experience things with the person you're dating. You keep making excuses for your partner's actions.If you have to sit and think if you love your partner, you probably don't; rather, you like the idea of him or her.Just because you think of a person a certain way doesn't mean that's how he or she is.If you have to convince yourself that it's good every day, let it go."At the end of the day, regret nothing.Time spent with the wrong person can sometimes bring about the right things.

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