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It’s the first public relationship for both stars since their debut as child/teen stars.I have to say that Bummie was obviously falling for her publicly on the set as evidenced by so many signs I saw during the filming, from holding up the lighting for her, to scrawling her character’s name on the dirt, to just making moon eyes at her during the BTS.finally this two birds can't hold their feeling anymore.sparkling between them when they were on the set of Goddess of Fire was too obvious...(me..shipper of them) .it was kim bum that obviously show his interest to moonie...n moonie with her shyness seems to interest to him also...thats what the old says "eyes would never lie" has obviously drawn on their eyes when they were filming the drama.The couple announced their break up in mid – May this year.

Yes, I saw everyone pinging me and commenting to tell me about it.n some tourist witnesses that they were spotted n Prague...holding hands..feeding each other...ahhhhh so lovely..cuteness overload...according to the news that they will be back to korea at the end of november...the media will try their best to get the exclusive pictures of them.well...enjoy ur vacation..moonie n you...n happy for you...paliiiii get married n have a babies!!Have some MVs and Tae Do-Jung Yi scenes from Go F just to experience the Geun Bum chemistry if you missed it the first time around. i know that this is too late to write since they have admitted since the 1st of november...( will not gonna be november rain anymore but november love).

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