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It is because of the lower oxytocin level that it takes a man longer to form emotional bonds.Women have 10 times more oxytocin bathing their brains than men.I became more empathetic to the aching need my husband, Mr. I held less disdain and became more empathetic to male sexual need (but not condoning acts outside of God’s guidelines).Sex is more than a physical union, there is a spiritual and emotional aspect.

She wants others to have hope as she shares her own journey toward reclaiming sex drive and enjoying full intimacy with her husband. When she isn’t deciphering the latest info on female sexuality, she can be found chatting it up with three other marriage and sex bloggers on the podcast, Sex Chat for Christian Wives.At the time my libido disappeared, I felt disconnected emotionally from Mr. He felt disconnected from me, too, because he was getting limited amounts of his ‘oxytocin fix.’ Thus began my libido resuscitation…..Bonny Logsdon Burns writes at the Oyster Bed7 blog where she encourages the low-libido wife through a Christian lens.For example: The Corpus callosum connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain.The Corpus callosum helps the two hemispheres ‘talk’ with one another.

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